The Benefits:

Improves Vocals, Regulates Metabolism and Hormones, Boost Immunity, Regulates Mood.

Key Ingredients:

IV Fluid, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12, Anti-Nausea & Vomiting Medicine, Anti-Inflammatory, Headache & Pain Medicine

Treatment Time:

30 Mins - 1Hour




JET-LAG Cocktail Drip

IV vitamin therapy is a powerful way to gear uprelating to the thyroid, vocal cords, teeth, and respiratory system.

Full Description

  • IV Fluid –The relative humidity on planes is typically 10-15%, which is lower than the Sahara dessert. The low humidity leads to increased fluid loss from your body. The longer the flight the more fluid loss with a 10 hour flight being up to 2L lost. While jet lag doesn’t cause dehydration, the dehydration caused by the plane you flew on can make your jet lag worse. IV fluid will help replace what you have lost.

  • Vitamin B complex – supplementation of b vitamins has been shown to improve ratings of stress, mental health, vigor, and cognitive performance. These b vitamins are essential in helping your body breakdown and convert food into the energy it needs to function and thrive. Deficiency can manifest in many ways so be sure to look out for fatigue, irritability, poor concentration, anxiety, and depression.

  • Vitamin B12 – is a powerhouse for the body, helping make DNA, nerve and blood cells. Your metabolism cannot function without it and no metabolism, no energy. For the 40% of Americans deficient in cobalamin (B12), signs include exhaustion, fatigue and, brain fog. Sounds a lot like jet lag.

  • Anti-nausea & vomiting medicine – motion sickness after your airplane ride have you nauseous? This works directly in the areas of the body to block the transmission of signals in your nervous system that has caused your upset stomach. This medicine is very effective so take solace in knowing your nausea and vomiting should end quickly.

  • Anti-inflammatory, headache, & pain medicine – unfortunately, your jet lag may have gifted you a nasty headache. Our anti-inflammatory medicine is strong enough to curb a migraine and should help subdue your headache quickly.

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