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Glutathione High Dose IV Beauty Booster Drip Drop Shot (IV Push with IV Vitamin C)

This formulated add-on gives you double dose of Glutathione.

What Are Drip Drop Shots?

Our Drip Drop Shots are designed to enhance the effects of your Vitamin IV treatment, and are especially useful as a pick me up in between infusions. With only seconds to set up, administer and complete, the Drip Drop Shot is the perfect on the go solution. Whether you need extra energy, a vitamin top up or even weight loss and anti-aging solutions, we have a Drip Drop Shot to assist your wellness goals and IV treatments

Glutathione High Dose IV Beauty Booster (L-glutathione 4000 mg/4G)

Intravenous administration is the gold standard to maximize the antioxidant effects of Glutathione. In addition to its work as an antioxidant, glutathione supports the mitochondrion. Common uses and benefits include: Increases Energy , Anti-Aging, Decreases muscle/joint pain, Immune Booster, Detoxifies ALL cells heads to toe, Increases mental focus and clarity, Increases Sleep Quality, Decreases Stress, Increases Athletic Performce and and Recovery.