Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I Drip?

Choose your infusion based on your desired results.
Most of our IV Treatment Therapies are safe enough to give to anyone without any bloodwork, as are all the items on our Drip Drop menu. That’s because our trusted Medical team of experts only approves 100% safe all natural ingredients at safe doses that evidence-based medicine showsanti-aging and health benefits from.

Where can you drip?

Our Drip services are available for mobile or in the comfort of your home. Please inquire about our concierge services.

How will I know if I need to get labs done prior to my Drip?

Consults are completely optional but strongly advised; especially if you have not had a recent check up by a primary care provider (Doctor or Nurse Practitioner). Consults are complementary and will be provided with each booking via Telephone, Telemedicine or Email prior to the start of the therapy. All of our trusted medical team staff have folders with detailed information on all of our protocols. However, our Medical Director and staff are available to consult clients for free at anytime!

Do you currently offer any discounts?

Why yes! We are currently running a special offer for our first 50 clients and 15% off for 5 groups or more.

Ok! So tell me the benefits

Drip IV Therapy offers 7 unique IV blends, based on chakra alignments, each tailored to address a specific set of health goals. We also offer custom-blended IV treatments based on your needs.

Are there any side effects to the Drips?

As listed in the terms and conditions and consent, there are possible side effects. Though they are not guaranteed norlikely. Moreover, when we do a consultation prior to therapy, we make sure to make note of any food or drug (medication) allergies, etc. If you don’t have any known allergies then it is not likely that you will have any side effects or any adverse effects to the Drip. Each drip has its desired effect and no additional effects should be experienceda part from that.

How long will the infusion take?

On average, the infusion takes 30 minutes. The visit time may take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. This will include time to start the IV, take vital signs, and complete a miniassessment prior to the infusion.

How much does it cost?

Our Drips range in prices and are comparable to the competitors on the market. We do charge an additional service fee for the concierge service to be able to come to your home or the location of your choice. Convenience is King and we are here at your service.5. How fast can I start seeing results? Results can vary depending on each individual. You can learn more with your one on one consultation with each booking.

Will it hurt?

No one likes needles. But our trained and experienced staff will make sure this process is as painless and as smooth as possible. They have special techniques and anesthetics that can be applied tomake your experience a great one. Book your infusion and start feeling better today! Book online, by email, or by phone. We here to for your service to get you.

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